Mattera Stove Works  is a small custom repair shop concentrating on the repair and restoration of Chambers Stoves.

As the owner of a Chambers Model C for over 15 years, I can't begin to tell you the great meals and memories that have been made with this truly classic stove. After many years restoring antique automobiles, a back injury forced me to look in other directions. Restoring something classic is in my blood, seeing the potential of the ugly duckling and transforming it into something beautiful is truly satisfying. I decided to turn my attention to the repair and restoration of "The Classic" Chambers Stoves.

Concentrating only on the chambers has given me a vast knowledge of these stoves, as well as a large parts inventory and a great network of specialty services. From porcelain work, many metal finishes to custom graphics.

Each stove is repaired to the customer's specifications and of course complete satisfaction. Interaction with the customer is part of the process, from the initial conversations to pictures of progress to the completed stove the customer always has the opportunity to discuss the project with me. I'm not a large facility doing many restores at a time, we work on only a few stoves at a time, which allows us to concentrate on details.

I have the confidence to put my name "over the door", I assure your satisfaction in everything we do at...
Mattera Stove Works

Please feel free to contact me with your questions.

Don Mattera