Why Restore a Chambers Range you ask?

The Chambers stove is truly an appliance built for a lifetime of use.

In the early 1920’s John Chambers set out to “build a better mouse trap,” and he did just that.

The stoves he built were technologically ahead of their time. The design and simplicity of use is exceptional even today. Chambers ranges were the first to “Cook with the Gas Turned OFF” The superior insulation and the quality of construction allow the user to preheat the oven, place the food in the oven and turn off the gas. The retained heat cooks the food with out any further gas used. This type of cooking allows the food to cook evenly and without drying out. Much the same way a convection oven of today works.

The Chambers Thermowell is another unique feature. A super insulated well in the stove top gives you the ability to slow cook soups, sauces, vegetables, and the best oatmeal ever, With a fraction of the gas required with a conventional stove. To use a catch phrase of today “Set it and Forget It”

The “In a Top” Broiler/Griddle is a great feature. With a twist of a handle the griddle lifts to reveal the “Smokeless” Broiler. There is no need to bend down to use this broiler.

Breakfast for the family is a breeze on the griddle top, which doubles as a warming tray for those times when you need to keep a few dishes warm while serving your guests.

Many of the Chambers Ranges that I restore belong to the original families. As any of them will surely tell you their Chambers Range is the BEST range available.

For more information and a complete history of The Chambers Company, please visit The Chambers Lovers Web Site. www.chamberstoves.net

Ongoing Projects

As I Received This Model "A"

Another Model "A"

Pic 2 - Pic 3 - Finished Pic

Model "B"

Finished Pic

Model "C"

Pic 2 - Finished Pic