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Plating Service

We do offer plating of your stove parts, handles, knobs, oven racks, stove tops etc.
Several finishes are available copper, nickel, chrome etc.

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Model C Brow Light
Light Rebuilding Service

Update your Chambers Model “C” Eyebrow Light:

Eliminate the expensive outdated original bulb and clip system in your stove. Send us your fixture, switch and cord and Mattera Stoveworks will update it;

Service includes:
  2- New receptacles
  2- 25watt bulbs   replacements available at most hardware stores
  New Switch

Model B Lights
  New 8 foot cord
  New mounting clips and screws

The fixture is returned to you with simple installation instruction included. Complete service $100 + shipping.

Update your Chambers Model “B” Light:


Porcelain Repair Service

We offer professional porcelain service.
Your parts are stripped and coated with a new porcelain finish fired at 1200 degrees.
Small chips and dings can sometimes be touched up to ease an unsightly area.

Color Changes

The porcelain color of your stove can be changed. We disassemble your stove and refire the porcelain to the color of you choice. The finish is as factory new.

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Gas Saftey Systems

Your oven is fitted with a pilot light, controlled by a safety valve which turns off the gas to the oven if the pilot goes out. No more lighting the oven with a match. These systems are required in most states. The installation of the safety system does not alter the appearance of your chambers stove. The standing pilot for the stove burners and thermo well remain the same.

Ground Up Restoration

Model B Before

Your Chambers is stripped down to its component parts and assessed as to the integrity of all parts, before we begin to restore your stove, in order to properly estimate the cost of the project. The restoration of your Chambers stove begins with you, and your expectations. After years of restoration work I have found that there are different approaches to a restoration project.

Model B After
One is the customer who wants their stove returned to its original showroom condition through a “ground up” restoration. The second is the customer who wants to bring the stove up to date with the addition of safety systems and some cosmetic work, leaving the minor blemishes of age to show, adding “character” to their stove. Of course there are as many variations of this as there are customers.

Model C Before
Here at Mattera Stove Works we strive to accomplish your goals, in your restoration project, no matter what you wish to accomplish. Beginning with the initial conversations we determine what you, the customer expect of us, and outline the entire project with you in detail. We realize that it is a considerable investment to restore your Chambers, and encourage our customers to contact us from time to time during the restoration of their stove, to get updates and progress reports. Upon completion you will receive a set of pictures documenting the work we have done.

Model C After

Complete restoration includes: